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Around the World in 80 Beats: Our Summer Music Festival Guide — Part 2

Here is our Part 2 of our Summer Music Festival guide! Here is Part 1 if you missed it, there are still great music festivals that have yet to happen.

1. Montreal Jazz Fest – Montreal, Canada

Starts on Wednesday, June 28

The largest Jazz Festival in the world, the Montreal Jazz Fest is as popular and successful as any EDM festival. And don’t let the name fool you, this French-Canadian Jazz Fest celebrates jazz music but includes non-jazz performers and artists as well.

Noteworthy Performers:

2. Panorama in New York City, USA

Starts on Friday, July 28

In the city that never sleeps, the summer music festival we recommend is Panorama in Randall’s Island Park, but be warned! Hipster levels will be off the charts this weekend.  😉

Noteworthy Performers:

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3. FujiRock in Naeba Ski Resort – Niigata, Japan

Starts on Friday, July 28

If you’re east, far east of NYC that is. Then you might want to stop at this year’s FujiRock summer music festival where you’ll get to rock out to one of the most eclectic lineups ever, from Gallant and The XX to Lorde and Bjork!

Noteworthy Performers:

4. Road to Ultra – Asia

Check Ultra website for specific dates (mostly in Sept.)

This particular music festival has made its way through the world this year. This summer, however, you can catch the Ultra Music Festival as it makes its way through Asia with most music festivals happening in September, including Shanghai, China; Tokyo, Japan; and New Delhi, India.

Noteworthy Performers:

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5. Oasis in Marrakech, Morocco

Starts on Friday, Sept. 15

After your Asia adventure make your way to Morocco and fall into a deep trance with this popular summer music festival. And as if that wasn’t enough to convince you, enjoy all that the Oasis Festival has to offer from the champagne bar to the yummy food vendors, or from taking a dip in one of the many luxury pools available to doing yoga in a quiet and intimate space. You won’t want to leave this oasis of fun under the sun.

Noteworthy Performers:

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