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Good Or Bad Wildlife Selfie: How To Tell The Difference

Bamba is proud to partner with World Animal Protection in an effort to eliminate animal cruelty in the tourism industry. We are passionate about this new campaign to identify what is a good or bad animal selfie, and how to tell the difference. It is our responsibility as traveller’s to impact the countries we travel to in a positive way, and what better way to start than to protect the precious, amazing animals we are so eager to see from around the world!

Have you ever thought about the impact a picture can have on an animal? The closer you can get to a wild animal usually means they are experiencing cruelty at the hands of their owners, who profit from tourists and their love for animals. Most of the time tourists and traveller’s are unaware of the cruelty going on behind the scenes for the animals. Read World Animal Protection’s full report on the impact of selfies on animals here. 




Knowledge is power, and now that you have more information, you can educate others and ask them to commit to the Wildlife Selfie Code!

Sign up to the World Animal Protection Wildlife selfie code,  pledge today and do your part!