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Still from a video of a man in costa rica

Ecuador Roadtrip

Follow the Ecuador Roadtrip of Monica, Anne Claire, Erik, Dirk, Jeffrey & Jan Willem, travelling the Antisana Volcano, the fourth highest volcano in Ecuador, the water-filled caldera of the Quilotoa Volcano, the indigenous Guamote...

Homestay on Amantani Island

Bolivia: Amantani Island Homestay

Homestays are an incredible way to really live a day in the life of locals while you are travelling. Many homestays offer accommodation and meals in an indigenous village so you can immerse yourself...

Video still of people sitting on top of a FWD in water

The Most Epic Travel Selfie of all Time

Check out the most epic travel selfie compilation by Alex Chacon on his Modern Motorcycle Diaries, riding in over 36+ countries, driving over 200,000+ Km, and crossing 75+ borders around the world to the...