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Bamba Experience and World Animal Protection Inspire Travellers to Advocate Animal Welfare

Bamba Experience and World Animal Protection are strongly encouraging travellers to support sustainable means of tourism, including advocating animal welfare in the destinations they visit.

Many of us seek some sort of interaction with wild animals as a unique travel experience. Unfortunately, we are unaware of the cruelty that can occur in venues that hold wild animals captive.

Katie Zellhoefer works to promote animal welfare as the Bamba for Good manager. She states, “We encourage our travellers to help affect change in the tourism industry by setting a positive example for responsible tourism. Travellers can influence others to avoid cruel venues like elephant riding, shows, wild-animal selfies or purchasing animal souvenirs. In support of World Animal Protection’s ‘Wildlife. Not Entertainers.’ campaign, Bamba offers activities that support animal welfare and conservation in efforts to raise awareness.”

Katie adds, “We have pledged to only offer activities that uphold high standards of animal conservation. We will not promote or sell any show, venue or activity involving wild animals as entertainers.”


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For more information please download a free guide from World Animal Protection on responsible tourism. Take responsibility and help spread the word. Our planet and wildlife are forever grateful!