Author: Rick Carassai

Niagara Falls

Discovering Niagara Falls

One of the Great Wonders of the Natural World, the Niagara Falls, is the number one tourist attraction in Canada. Local and worldwide tourists come throughout the year to see and experience this natural phenomenon....

People doing handstands at Koh Phi Phi

Thailand’s 3 Most Popular Islands

When people say that they are going to travel to Thailand, they normally mean visiting the most popular tourist cities of the country, especially Bangkok, Chiang Mai and the southern islands. Thanks to popular beach parties like...

A man standing on Annapurna Nepal

5 of the World’s Best Treks

Reach the ruins of Machu Picchu, admire the highest peaks in the world in Nepal and India, hike the majestic Kilimanjaro, discover Chile’s most beautiful peaks… those are just some of the many possibilities...