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Backpacking Central America


Bamba has created a culture where a new philosophy of life was created by making extremes come together: professionalism and exoticism, self-discovery and intercultural exchange. By bringing backpackers to isolated communities purchasing food or handicrafts at local markets, we support an impoverished community encouraging sustainable development since we will be creating jobs for the community as well as new opportunities for business development.

Spending time in these communities also allows us to see their major needs and problems, so we can find efficient ways to help them. With this in mind, most problems arise from a lack of education, inefficient medical clinics and ignorance. For these reasons, we are in the process of making alliances with national and international volunteer programs in order to aid the development of the rural communities by giving a hand either teaching in their local schools, helping with the medical clinic, or protecting the natural habitat.



Being a responsible tour operator in today's world is extremely important, and that's what Bamba Adventures is all about. The world is changing and our sustainable tourism policies are as well, but our commitment to be socially conscious, and our grassroots travel style creates consciousness in each an every traveler that embarks on a Bamba Adventure. We work with local communities in Mexico & Guatemala to create sustainable development through Home Stays, and different tourism ventures that help local economies but minimizing the negative enviromental and cultural effect on the different towns we visit.

We are working on becoming impact neutral. We are creating Carbon Cero policies so passengers and Bamba can contribute to carbon offsetting. Working with the Mexico & Guatemalan government we have many projects towards a neutral environmental impact. The initiatives include planting trees, having green powered offices, using recycled paper brochures and office products. We work hand in hand with a local Maya family near Panajachel. A group of 30 families now have an extra room in their house in order for Bamba travelers to have a real travel experience, while giving back to the communities. Each Bamba traveler pays $15 USD p/person p/night to the local family to have dinner, sleep in their house and have breakfast. Both travelers and the community have benefited from this project since it opens the eyes of the travelers to see and experience how local villagers live and it helps the local communities to develop into better housing, better education and better basic living conditions.




Tourism in developing countries in Latin America can have a huge effect on the environment and local communities with which we come in contact. In order for everyone to have the best experience possible we ask that you take into consideration the people with whom you are coming into contact and the way you affect their lives and environment. Culturally sensitive travel will result in positive relationships and a mutually beneficial alliance between future Bamba travelers and local communities.



In Latin America, we go to places where the locals may not be accustomed to travelers. The result of encounters between local villagers and world travelers is indescribable. Through our volunteer adventures, we encourage travelers who have the desire to give back to the community, to spend time in the indigenous communities, helping out impoverished families or working to preserve the natural environment and protecting endangered species. The opportunities to lend a helping hand in Latin America are unlimited and those who are interested have a wide variety of projects to select from. Please visit the Bamba Experience "Our Charities" link to learn more.


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Depart any day you want, 365 days a year whether you are traveling on your own or in a group.
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