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Backpacking Central America


1. What type of transportation is included?

We offer you safe and efficient local transportation in each sector.  You may travel aboard a public bus, on a train, boat, ferry or a shared shuttle.  Whatever the mode of transportation, getting from one point to the next will surely be a memorable experience.


    2. What type of experiences are included?

Every pass offers unique included experiences so you can live unforgettable memories along the way.  You may find yourself dancing Tango at a Buenos Aires club, staying overnight with a local family on Amantani Island, going deep into the Amazon Jungle, flying over sand dunes on a sand buggy, walking through a favela in Rio de Janeiro or walking next to a giant glacier. These are just a few examples of the fun things you’ll do along the way!


    3. Who will I be travelling with?

Most of our trips cater to independent travel so many people travel on their own, however you will always have the chance to meet people on a group trek, transportation, recommended hostels or activities.


    4. Is accommodation included?

Accommodation is not included in the pass price because we know that everyone prefers something different when it comes to choosing lodging.  Bamba provides you with a list of recommended hostels or budget hotels in each destination so you can choose where you want to stay according to your needs.


    5. How do I activate my pass and start travelling?

Send us an email a few days prior to your initial departure date so we can send you all the information regarding your pass and included experiences.  You can also give us a call on the phone or contact us on skype to speak with a Bamba representative in person at any time.  Your tickets will be sent to you electronically via email.


    6. Where is the departure point for the buses?

Bus & Train Routes: For public bus routes you will be instructed to make your own way from your hostel to the bus or train station for your next transfer.  We will send you the address.    
Shuttles & Tours: In routes that include a shuttle or tour, we will pick you up at your hostel.  (In which case we will need the name and address of your accommodation to program your pick-up.)  
Meeting Points: Some routes and activities have specified meeting points that you will need to reach on your own in order to meet up with the group for your activity or transfer.  We will send you the address.
For ALL ROUTES detailed instructions will be emailed to you at least one day prior to departure.


    7. Can I travel in both directions or backtrack?

Your Bamba Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Pass can only be used in the direction of the pass purchased. If you would like to add sectors or change the dates of departure you can reach us via email, skype, or telephone anytime!


    8. What is the validity of my pass?

Every Hop-On Hop-Off bus pass has a one year validity meaning you can begin and end your pass anytime you want, taking as long as you desire between stops to enjoy all of the unique and interesting destinations as well as included experiences along the way.


    9. Can I make changes to my departure dates anytime?

Yes! The Bamba Hop-On Hop-Off bus pass is a flexible and convenient way to travel which allows you to make changes to your itinerary (departure dates) any time you desire so you can enjoy each destination to the fullest!  In order to confirm availability we strongly recommend making changes at least 48 hours in advance.


    10. What does minimum recommended travel time mean?

We recommend a minimum number of days for each route so you will have time to enjoy the cities, towns, activities and nature without feeling rushed.  This is usually the shortest way to travel through the route with time to see and do it all.


    11. What if I’m travelling on my own?

Travelling alone is a great way to get to know yourself and meet new friends.  Many Bamba Experience travelers arrive on their own and find that they quickly meet people along the way at their hostels and on their free activities.  Enjoy the freedom to change your departure dates if you want to link up with a new travel partner.


    12. Do I need a travel visa?

Every country in Latin America has different visa policies for every nationality.  Bamba recommends that you check the visa requirements at the appropriate embassies for your nationality at least 2-3 months in advance so you will have time to prepare your documents.  Remember to make sure you have a valid passport with at least 2 empty visa pages before travelling.  Sometimes it is helpful to travel with a few extra passport photos just in case you need to provide one for a visa upon arrival.


    13. Is there an age limit?

If you are between the ages of 18 and 118, we invite you to travel with Bamba Experience in Latin America and have the time of your life!  Minors must be accompanied by an adult.


    14. Anything else i need to know?

All Bamba Booking are subject to our advertised ‘Terms and Conditions’ which you can check out on the Bamba website. Prices are correct at time of printing but may vary slightly (down or up) at time of booking due to currency fluctuations. Please check with your local travel agent or the Bamba Sales team for more details.





You are a traveler, not a tourist. We want you to be able to explore the world exactly as you have always dreamed it. You are free to travel at your own pace with no tour leaders or set schedules.
Depart any day you want, 365 days a year whether you are traveling on your own or in a group.
We make it easy for you to be spontaneous! Enjoy the freedom of making an unlimited amount of changes to your schedule before and during your trip. Your pass is valid for 12 months so you can take all the time you need to enjoy your journey!