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Colca Canyon | Peru

Experience the Colca Canyon 2 Day Adventure with Bamba Experience, it's one of the included activities on the bus passes. This video shows some great images of the Canyon, the impressive flying condor, and the local people while doing the 2 day trip into the Colca Canyon with Bamba Experience.


Iguazu Falls by Bamba Experience | Brazil

Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil video by Bamba Experience. It's amazing!! An adventure travel operator in Laitn America offering flexible backpacking passes for independent travelers in Latin America.


Bamba Experience Peru - What is Bamba? | Peru

This a motivating video showing some great sites in Peru where Bamba Experience takes you, as well as showing the many benefits that Bamba Experience offers to their happy customers.


Sand Boarding & Buggy Ride | Peru

Go Sandboarding and Buggy on the amazing Sand dunes in the desert Oasis of Huacachina in Peru. Bamba Experience takes you there!! Bamba Experience is the ultimate resource for backpacking and adventure travel in Latin America.

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu by Bamba Experience | Peru

Trek the Inca Trail with this motivating video that will show you the amazing scenery arriving to Machu Picchu. Bamba Experience is an official operator for the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.


Travel in Peru with Bamba Experience | Peru

Amazing footage of Bamba Experience destinations and activities in Peru. If you want to travel in Peru, this is the video you have to see to inspire yourself to travel.


Favela Experience Rio de Janeiro by Bamba Experience | Brazil

Experience the local way of life by visiting the largest Favela in Rio de Janeiro. Get in touch with the local Brazilian culture first hand, learn from a new culutre, and be amazed by the amazing views of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Active Mine Potosi by Bamba Experience | Bolivia

This video will get you inside an active Mine in Potosi, Bolivia. where you will experience the local way of life of the miners who work there every day. It's a very interesting experience and worth the visit. Bamba Experience is an adventure travel company that makes independent travel easy in Latin America.

Amantani Home Stay | Peru

Sleep with a local Quechua family for a night, experience a local party, give an English lesson to kids, and be amazed by the culture surrounding the Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in Latin America. Over 4000 meters. This is a Bamba Experience included activity in the hop-on hop-off bus pass for independent travelers.


Ilha Grande Virgin Beaches Day Trip by Bamba Experience | Brazil

Take a boat trip through the beautiful Ilha Grande in Brazil and explore the beautiful virgin beaches and lush jungle surrounding this spectacular island. This is a Bamba Experience included activity for backpacking in Brazil.


Salt Flats Adventure | Bolivia

Great video from the Uyuni Salt Flats and nearby deserts and geysers in Bolivia. This video was produced by Bamba Experience an adventure travel company in Latin America for independent travelers.


Pantanal 3D/2N Adventure Brazil by Bamba Experience | Brazil

Bamba Experience includes a 3D/2N Pantanal Adventure on their hop-on hop-off bus passes in Brazil. Amazing wetland area, great to see crocodiles, capivaras, snakes and blue parrots. Bamba Experience is an adventure travel company for backpacking trips in Brazil and Latin America.

Travel in Bolivia | Bolivia

Amazing footage of the beautiful scenery you can find in Bolivia. Travel by bus in Bolivia with Bamba Experience and go backpacking into the Uyuni Salt Flats, La Paz, Copacabana, Sucre and Potosi. There are lots of things to do and things to see in Bolivia.


Travel in Peru | Peru

Video para Bamba Experience, Música de Janio Cuadros Roldán, Realización y Edición por André Bretón, fotografía y Composición Digital por Fabián Garcilita R. V.


Bolivia to Chile to Argentina | Bolivia, Chile, Argentina

Buses Argentina - Free Guide Try Bamba Experience


Buenos Aires to Uruguay to Rio de Janeiro by Bamba Experience | Buenos Aires, Uruguay, Rio

Explore 3 different countries www.bambaexperience.com with Bamba Experience. Experience the real world through bus travel Brazil, bus travel Argentina, and bus travel Uruguay.

Bamba Experience Bus Travel Argentina - Brazil - Bolivia | Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia

Experience 3 countries in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia with the Bamba Experience Bus Travel pass.


Buses Mexico - FREE Guide! Try Bamba Experience Buses in Mexico. | Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia

Experience 3 countries in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia with the Bamba Experience Bus Travel pass.


All Buses Peru: Machu Picchu Expeditions, Huacachina, Nazc | Buses in Peru

Buses in Peru, FREE Adventure Backpacking eBook/Brochure Guide to Latin America with Prices: Machu Picchu Expeditions, Nazca Lines, Huacachina, Ballestas Islands and Tons More Places!


Inca Trail Peru, Bamba Experience | Peru

Inca Trail Peru, Get Your FREE Inca Trail Peru Guide/Brochure and information for other Latin America destinations by visiting.

Travel Mexico and Central America - Bamba Experience | Mexico & Central America

Travel to Central America and Mexico with Bamba Experience bus pass. Find the best trip to Mexico and Costa Rica with our hop-on hop-off bus pass for bus travel in Mexico and Costa Rica.


What is Bamba Experience? | Bamba Experience

Welcome to Bamba Experience Latin America.


Adventure travel in Mexico, Bamba Experience | Bamba Experience

A motivating video that takes you from Mexico City to Cancun passing by attractions such as: Deserts, Colonial Cities, Pacific Beaches, Jungle Settings, Archeological Sites, and the Riviera Maya.


Wedding in Mexico | Bamba Experience

Backpackers getting married inside a small home in Zinacantan Chiapas with a Bamba Experience www.bambaexperience.com group of people.

Bamba Experience | Bamba Experience

A first rough little taste of what is coming... This was one of our first trips with Bamba Experience and some backpackers.
We travelled from Mexico City to Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido and all the way to Chiapas...check out this beauty!!!

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