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Our South America Tours
  Our South America Tours

Custom South America tours can be made up of smaller groups of travelers or individuals embarking on a personalized getaway. Some like the smaller groups because the dimension signifies that the group does not crowd out each individual's encounter. There is also a big emphasis on being social with each other as well. This is an "off the beaten track" journey that will take the adventurer from general tourist places to expertise the nearby culture of the people dwelling in each nation - a prospect to immerse all by yourself into the life or as a group of an additional culture. It is certainly complete immersion journey travel. Ask us a question about taking a custom South America tour today!

Lake Titicaca is the most important freshwater lake on the entire continent, and is on the border of Bolivia and Peru. It has some of the bluest darkish water that is compared with everywhere else on Earth. Superior in the Andes mountains, the Inca folks believe that that their god Virococha was born on the Island of the Sun, an individual of lake islands. Los Uros, otherwise recognised as the Floating Islands is in fact developed a long time ago by Indians who fled to the lake, and created it out of reeds, which are continuously staying rebuilt.

Whilst in this area, an additional excellent sight to behold is the ruins of Machu Picchu, Lima, and the Inca Trail. Be certain to provide warm garments, and notice that this place is increased in altitude that most locations, so you want to get your time and not about perform by yourself. There are quite a few other areas to investigate like Patagonia, which stands for "Land of the Large Ft." and was very first found by Ferdinand Magellan.

With so a lot of destinations to pick from, the ideal way to learn where to go is to simply send us an email, call us or chat with us. Regardless of whether you want tours of Machu Picchu, or go kayaking on Lake Titicaca, or almost anything at all, we can find an adventure to fit you personally.

When in Rio de Janeiro, you can get introduced to standard Brazilian cuisine, awesome music venues and spots for additional looking and sightseeing on your own. An additional common site for guided tours of Brazil is Foz do Iguar, the fourth most significant city in Brazil, located in Southern Brazil. There you will see the gorgeous Iguassu Falls, a waterfall with a flow ability equivalent to 3 times that of Niagara Falls. The falls marks the demarcation between Brazil and Argentina.

You can walk via the Foz do Iguazu National Park with views that take you to spots immediately over the falls to see the Devil's Throat!

Custom South America Tours That Are Tailor Made


Our South America Tours

Our South America Tours

Our South America Tours

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