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How can you avoid making an *ss out of yourself while travelling in a foreign country?  What we have learned is that the best way to fit in is to try to pay attention to the way the locals are acting and follow suit.  “When in Rome… do as the Romans do” as the saying goes.  Here are a few tips that we have collected to get you off on the right foot. 

· Drinking vodka in Russia is a completely normal part of life, so refusing a drink may be considered offensive. 
· Blowing your nose in public is considered rude in most Asian and European countries.
· Flashing the American sign for “okay” means you’re an A-hole in Brazil and other Latin America countries. 
· In some Asian countries, temples may be off-limits to foreigners so in these cases its best to respect the signs and avoid offending the locals. 
· Pointing with your pointer finger is considered rude  in most Asian countries.
· Taking photographs of indigenous communities is generally off-limits
· Public burping in western cultures is considered rude, while in Asian cultures is viewed as a normal part of life since it represents the fact you are able to have a good meal and therefore seen as a blessing.   
· Give the peace sign with your palm facing away from you while in the UK, otherwise you will be saying F you.   
· In South Asian countries eating with your left hand is an offense since it is considered a dirty part of the body (since it is used to wipe after going to the bathroom). 
· Insulting the King or President in some countries can be considered a major offense and may result in jail time! 
· Not tipping at a restaurant in the US is considered very rude, the rule of thumb is leave at least 10% and from 15-20% when its good service. 
· Dress conservatively in most Asian and Latin American cultures (except Brazil) especially if you are a woman entering a church or a temple.  Sometimes you will even see locals swimming with their clothing on so it might be a sign for you to wear a t-shirt.


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