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Vietnam by Bus

Since opening its borders, Vietnam has in recent years exploded into a major backpacker destination. Vietnam by bus has become extremely popular due to its natural diversity, its rich culture and its amazingly friendly people. Its proximity to major airport hubs such as Bangkok and Singapore has helped propel Vietnam to a backpacker’s dream country.

Vietnam by bus can either be reached by land from Bangkok via Cambodia or via Laos. However, an increasing number of backpackers fly into Vietnam’s two hubs; Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi and the city is regular backpacking place especially the Old Quarter. The city is dotted with picturesque lakes and boasts an interesting array of old French colonial architecture and new Vietnamese buildings.

Just north-west from Hanoi, lie the highland mountains of Sapa. A quaint town by its own right, Sapa is the gateway to world class hiking and visiting unique hill tribes. This area has established itself as a popular destination for those doing Vietnam by bus.

Vietnam by bus is also very very popular in Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam. Lying between Saigon and Hanoi, it draws a lot of backpackers for its beautiful tombs of past emperors, pagodas and a stunning citadel. Only two hours from Hue, lies the old trading post of Hoi An, which retains amazing Chinese architecture.

If you want to see beautiful beaches and Vietnam by bus can be done in Nha Trang. With some of the cheapest PADI Scuba diving courses, backpackers flock here for some excellent snorkeling and sunbathing. Only four
hours from Nha Trang, you can exchange sweaty beaches to cool mountain climate in Dalat. Perfect for hiking, mountain biking and motorbike tours, backpackers often end up staying longer than planned.

Last but not least, Vietnam by bus wouldn’t be complete without visiting its largest city. Although now officially called Ho Chi Minh City, many still call this city by its old name; Saigon. With its proximity to the Mekong Delta and neighbouring Cambodia, Saigon is extremely loved by backpackers. In recent years, Vietnam by bus has established itself as one of the top activities for travelers.

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Vietnam by Bus

Vietnam by Bus

Vietnam by Bus


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