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Peru Inca Trail

Peru Inca Trail

Hiking the Peru Inca Trail is one of the most popular excursions in all of South America. Not only is the trip itself considered one of extraordinary beauty, the final destination to the Sun Gate of Machu Picchu is a top travel attraction. The trail itself as it is known today to the classic 4-day Peru Inca Trail just actually covers about 39 kilometers on the much larger and substantial Peru Inca Trail network that stretched from current Quito, Ecuador to the south of Santiago, Chile. What is marvelous is that most of the original Peru Inca Trail stone steps, which date back over 600 years, are still made use of by modern trekkers to Machu Picchu. Even centuries later, evidence of the mighty Peru Inca Trail Empire that once ruled Peru can nevertheless be seen and felt all around the thick Andean jungle.

The Peru Inca Trail today has 2 main alternatives for visitors based on their own time and budget constraints. A 4-day classic trip is the most popular as it provides a well rounded connection with the region and the sights to be seen in the process. This trail leaves just outside the ancient city of Cusco, which was what the Incas once called the navel of the world and who used it as the capital of their civilization. For 3 full days, trekkers will pass stunning sceneries, old villages including Llactapata, and archeological sites such as Phuyupatamarca left over by the Incas. The legendary Peru Inca Trail terraces which helped to feed the Inca people living in the mountainous areas will also be highlights, one part of which includes the beautiful ruins of Winay Wayna. Over the fourth and final day of the classic Peru Inca Trail, visitors will arrive before sunrise at mysterious Machu Picchu and explore the ruins the rest of the day.

For the people with less time in addition to a lower budget, a 2-day Peru Inca Trail option may also be considered. The trip starts not too far from Machu Picchu, and the one day of hiking will still supply you with a great experience in the Urubamba Valley. Challengers will spend the entirety of the second day at the Machu Picchu site.

Whichever one of these trek options you are interested in, be sure to book your Peru Inca Trail trips and Machu Picchu tours as soon as possible because of their own popularity. Note that the treks may only be embarked on via a licensed operator who will arrange all your itineraries and entrance tickets in advance to guarantee you an awesome Peru Inca Trail vacation.

As with most treks around the world no matter the country, a trip on the Peru Inca Trail is not to be taken lightly. Here are 8 things to note as you prepare to go to Peru and embark on the journey to Machu Picchu for your safety, comfort, and know-how.

1. Book ahead of time - Entrance tickets to the ancient Inca citadel in the high travel season between May and August regularly sell out months ahead of time. Therefore, make sure to book your Machu Picchu travel packages early to ensure your spots.

2. Don't rush it - Machu Picchu can be a marvelous site and there's a chance you're anxious to start your Peru Inca Trail journey, but don't forget to spend time in Cusco before going to the ruins. There is much to see in the oldest city in the Americas and the Sacred Valley region nearby, including more amazing Inca ruins and old Spanish architecture blended with traditional Peru heritage elements.

3. Know your seasons - Trekking the Peru Inca Trail offers vastly different experiences depending on the season in which you go. In the rainy season, the mornings and early afternoons are nice, but may rain as early as 1 or 2 p. m. The dry season is more favorable but crowds are larger.

4. Stay clean and keep clean - The facilities along the Peru Inca Trail are bare, allowing for nature to speak for it instead. Therefore, bring your own personal hand sanitizer and toilet paper. At the same time, be sure to practice No Trace Left Behind and take your trash with you.

5. Soak in the Trail- The portion of the touristic Peru Inca Trail today is in fact just a small component of an intricate Inca interstate network that once stretched from present day Quito, Ecuador all the way down to Santiago, Chile. Therefore, bask humbly knowing that the Incas accomplished much more than just this section of the walk.

6. Consider more alternatives- For passionate trekkers, there are other treks you should go on as well. In that case, think about other Machu Picchu treks such as the Salkantay or Lares treks which include all the beauty of the Peruvian countryside along the way as well as a visit to Machu Picchu in the end.

The Peru Inca Trail is undeniably among the best treks in the world. It has it all: scenery, history, and convenience. However, the popularity of Peru Inca Trail tours may be getting the best of this historic trail. Hundreds of trekkers hike the classic 4-day Peru Inca Trail portion daily, which has prompted the Peruvian government to regulate the number of people allowed on the trail. Tickets to hike the Peru Inca Trail sell out months in advance, and if you anticipate traveling to Peru during peak season, such as in July, you may find yourself without an entrance ticket.

Peru Inca Trail

Peru Inca Trail

Peru Inca Trail

Peru Inca Trail

Peru Inca Trail

Peru Inca Trail

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